Smart Lighting, More Than Technology

On the 21st of April, Avans University of Applied Sciences and the partners of the Smart Light Concepts organised the project's closing conference in Mechelen, Belgium. The researchers and the pilots' representatives showed the results of our three years of working together on exploring public lighting solutions that save money, energy and carbon. We also researched safety and stakeholder engagement. The final report with all the results will be published after the summer. You can find the presentations on our knowledge platform.

Closing conference

We started our closing conference with a keynote by futurist Richard van Hooijdonk. His main message was: smart public lighting is essential to the smart cities of today and tomorrow. Street lighting will be integrated in other applications i.e. charging of cars, traffic cameras or vice vera.

Eva Helmond was our moderator of the day. Avans' resarchers Yves Prevoo, Rene-Pascal van den Boom, Tahis Marti, Ger-Jan van den Elsen and Marleen Janssen Groesbeek presented their results and recommendations. Portsmouth University researchers Hassana Abdullahi and Ramazan Esmeli explained their Decision Support Tool they developped for SLIC. Pia Struyf of the Free University of Brussels presented her research on the effect of public lighting on crime and the fear of crime. The representatives of the different pilots showed their new public lighting infrastructure and the savings they made on energy and carbon.

Our project manager Karen Janssen thanked all the partners for their efforts and closed the conference.